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Q: Why do I still have to pay for the court rental even though I have a membership?

To claim the court only for your group, without interference from other people.


Q: I have a membership, but I don’t have friends to play with, can I join an existing group?
We will try to find a group that suits your skill level, but you can also try to find one yourself in our Open Play service.


Q: What is Open Play?
It is a service we provide to customers so that they can play together alternately without having to worry about finding friends to play with. It is also open to the public at affordable prices.


Q: What are Open Play rules?
You have to queue with others before you play, and you can’t choose who you’re going to play with. It depends on what turn you’re in line.


Q: How many courts will you provide for Open Play services?
Usually, 1 court has a maximum of 6 people, so depending on how many people show up in the center, we will provide another court if deemed necessary. That’s completely our decision to make.


Q: So, what do you suggest when we have joined this Open Play service?
We suggest everyone get to know others when playing, form new groups, and rent a court separately according to their respective skill levels.

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